Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

My niece, Sylvie, left the Easter bunny carrots and kale last night.

She said the plate was empty when she woke up (hungry wabbit),
her basket and Easter egg candy were left behind.

I miss those days.

My "little" is now not so little.
At 17, she is too old for baskets, and we no longer await the arrival of the  bunny. 

Easter feels a little less magical now. 

Today, for us, celebrating Easter was about family and faith. 

I ate too much food, snuck handfuls of chocolate eggs, and then had some long and rather difficult conversations with one of my family members who is going through an incredibly tough time.

I pray that each of you had a good day - a day that was filled with moments of sheer happiness. But, even if you are facing difficult days, I hope you stopped to breathe in the real "magic" of Easter. Not the waiting for the Easter Bunny kind (although that can be quite special), but the Jesus conquering the grave kind.

No matter what you are facing, know today that our Savior has conquered it.
He is stronger than our weakness. 
He has beaten death.
He is Lord, and He is Risen.
And that is why we celebrate.
In Christ alone, our hope is found.
Happy Easter my friends.
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