Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Cold Chicago Morn

After seeing the beautiful mosaic-like cracked ice in the Chicago River, I decided to grab my camera and snap a few shots during my early morning commute. Each day, I make the trip from Northwest Indiana to Chicago. I arrive, via commuter train, at Millenium Station and walk north on Michigan Ave, over the bridge. I zig-zag my way north to Moody Bible Institute. The city looks especially beautiful this time of year. I'm usually bundled in my ugly, but incredibly warm, down coat. My trip is a bit happier when I have a tall cup of Starbuck's in my hand.

Another view of the icy river...

Crossing the bridge over the Chicago River, heading north on Michigan Ave...

The Wrigley Building, which has recently been refurbished, decked for the holidays.

This is the Driehaus offices, housed in one of Chicago's original homes. Always lovely and worth a quick detour on my way.

And here I am, freezing, but happy because I now have my Starbucks... The last shot is the historic archway at Moody Bible Institute - where I have worked for almost 24 years. Merry Christmas everyone!

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