Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twas the Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas is one of my least favorite days. There is so much rushing around to prepare for the holidays, that the day after feels so utterly quiet. I almost don't know what to do with myself. Plus, here in the Chicago burbs, it is cloudy without even one spot of sunshine.

It is too chilly and windy for a walk - and I'm still feeling bloated from too many butter-dipped Christmas crab legs. So, I've been cleaning. Taking empty boxes and bits of Christmas decor down to the basement. I reorganized my closet a bit to make room for new treasures.

Here are a few of my favorite vintage gifts from this Christmas...Thanks to my husband, daughter, mom, sister, and all of those who know my love for retro gems:

My mom-in-law Helen treated me to this 1950s satin cocktail dress that I had been watching on etsy
. Little gold oriental leaves and a very cool sash at the back.

Also on etsy, this 1940s kelly green suit jacket - I feel like I stepped right out of a Cary Grant movie in this one:

From my sister, a repro-bakelite Paris bracelet. Chunky and wonderful - from one of her favorite Chicago boutiques, Hazel. Click here to see Hazel's website.

My mom sent this necklace all the way from Florida - made with vintage baubles.

And my daughter, on a shopping trip to Target (Tar-shay) - spotted this sparrow sweater for me! I love it!

Those are just a few of my Christmas faves. Pictured below is a funky HUGE Santa head that Milt and I snagged at our local antique mall just before Christmas. We love him! Hope Santa treated you well!!! Enjoy these last days of 2012.

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