Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Greenwood Supper Club: A Classic Wisconsin Charmer

One of my favorite places in the world is a beautiful peninsula in northern Wisconsin called Door County. Her pine trees, rocky shorelines, wooden sailboats, abundant stars, and fresh lake breezes hold a special place in my heart.

I have been vacationing in Door County since I was a little girl, and this weekend I returned for our annual visit with my husband and daughter. We also enjoyed spending time with my mom and her husband Bob. One evening, we dined at our favorite Wisconsin spot - Greenwood Supper Club.

Greenwood Supper Club opened in 1929.  In its early years, it went by the glamorous name, "The Slipper." The menu tells us that it was rumored that John Dillinger himself would "gas up" at the old pumps before returning home to Chicago. The Slipper had a large dance floor and even showed movies .

In the 1930s, the name changed to "Greenwood" for its scenic views of the green, lush wooded setting. Under the ownership of the Ohnesorge family, they added some of the cedar and maple leaf interior and paintings of local landscapes. 

Today, the Greenwood continues to be the perfect spot for a fish or steak dinner after a long day of biking, hiking, or lounging on the beach. Although I am not a constant meat eater, I definitely enjoyed my steak - note the garnish of an old-fashioned apple ring and parsley (one of my favorite treats as a kid). The photo below shows my beautiful mom, looking cute as she decides on the shrimp scampi.

Greenwood is casual and kid-friendly. It is not trendy and definitely not vegetarian. It has a very classic menu with daily specials. Most nights, a waiting line will force you to wait for a bit at the long, curving cedar lined bar. My husband doesn't mind and usually orders the classic Wisconsin drink: Brandy Old Fashioned - Sweet.

Greenwood Supper Club makes me feel like I am really dining out. I don't want it to ever change. I am perhaps most charmed by its vintage style and those little details that remind me of its past. I snapped a few shots of the ladies room sign and a warning to keep your kids in hand!

Greenwood Supper Club - Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

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