Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yogi Bear and His Cautious Sidekick

Yogi Bear and Bugs Bunny have something in common. They are both cartoon characters, of course. But, they also both have a knack for getting themselves in trouble and coming out unscathed.

In December, a full feature will appear telling the story of Yogi Bear. The movie poster instantly brought back memories of Saturday morning cartoons featuring the loveable Yogi Bear roaming the campgrounds in search of delicious picnic baskets. My family camped at Jellystone Parks as well – distinguished by Yogi’s funny face blown up into huge billboard signs.

Everybody loved Yogi – even though he was up to no good. The same was true of Bugs Bunny. In very similar cartoons, the crazy rabbit would take daring risks and somehow always manage to escape trouble. Things are always exploding on him – but he never dies.

Fortunately, both Yogi and Bugs had side kicks who loved them and looked out for them. Yogi had Boo Boo – his childlike bear companion. Boo Boo Bear is not Yogi’s son, although he is about half his size and is is constant companion. Wikipedia says they have an “unknown relationship.” It also suggests that Boo Boo bear acts as Yogi’s conscience.

In the same way, Daffy Duck follows Bugs Bunny around. While Bugs plunges into risky situations with a big smile and careless attitude – Daffy follows behind him, sputtering and anxious.

What is interesting to me is that both Yogi and Bugs have constant companions who are there complete opposites. The happy, easygoing, risk takers, choose to hang out with those who are worried, cautious, anxious.

That’s true in real life. Isn’t it?

My daughter is a worrier type (and so was I). We both avoid huge risks. We think before we act. We worry about trouble before, and in case, it might happen.

My daughter has a friend who is just like Yogi. She is smiling and happy and carefree. She takes risks that she probably shouldn’t take. She is the kind of girl who will disobey her parent’s cautions – who will shrug off rules – who wants to have fun.

And, strangely enough, she always seems to come out of the situations just fine. Like Bugs Bunny and Yogi Bear, she likes to hang out with my Boo Boo like daughter.

Maybe those types of personalities are drawn to one another because they have a balancing effect. The worrier tames the risk taker. The adventurous spirit excites the nervous one. Yogi is the perfect match for Boo Boo, just like Daffy is for Bugs.

I’m thankful for the Yogis in my life, who have encouraged me take risks and have a bit more fun.

In fact, I think I married one…
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