Monday, April 6, 2015

Helping Amanda

Amanda would never ask for your help.

So I will.

Amanda Rinkel was my student at Moody - and I sensed, right away, she was a special person.

She was a bit older than my other students with long red hair, freckles, and a serious nature.

Growing up, her family operated a grist mill in Indiana. They made pancake mixes and flour as well as supplied electrical power to their neighborhood. Her family's life centered around the mill, so Amanda dropped out of high school to help.

Her decision to quit school - which some of us might find shocking - came in response to a family crisis. Her mom had been diagnosed with a genetic and incurable disease: Huntington's Disease.

Amanda was tested as well. She found out that she, too, has Huntington's. She doesn't know how long her life will be or how long she will be able to function well. Life expectancy is generally 20 years after symptoms begin. But, Amanda did not give in to self-pity or despair.

She refused to give up.

One day, while listening to Moody Radio at the mill, she heard an advertisement for a new major reaching women who had been sexually exploited. She was riveted. It was like God was speaking directly to her.

She knew she should enroll at Moody Bible Institute, but there was one problem. She did not have a high school diploma.

Again, she refused to give up.

She went back to school at nights and earned her GED in just a few months. She applied to Moody and was accepted. She returned to school, to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. That was when we met.

I adore Amanda - and I so appreciate her story. She is passionate about helping other women. She teaches self defense classes and is studying to minister to women, but now she needs our help.

Last year, she was forced to drop out of college due to a lack finances. She decided to go home and work and save up enough money to return. In the meantime, she has been working as much as possible, cleaning hotels, helping her family, and taking courses online.

Now she wants, more than anything else, to return to Chicago. I think she should.

We can help.

Will you consider helping Amanda with a small donation? She needs $7500 to return to Chicago in the fall.

Any amount will help. Will you prayerfully consider a small gift today?

Some friends of Amanda have set up a "gofundme" account to raise money. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to help a woman who has never asked for help. Follow this link to give:
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