Friday, April 3, 2015

Fresh Starts

I was watching the television show Bones last night, and the main character Dr. Temperance Brennan (a nerdy, brainy forensic anthropologist) decides to start a Twitter feed to promote her book.

But - instead of posting light, fascinating brief comments, she makes obtuse references to scholarly articles. She ends up with 10 followers. Dismal. A failure.

So, at the advice of a colleague, she changes her approach. Light. Fun. Selfies.

Boom - 1,000 followers.

I laughed, because my own attempts at Twitter and social media self promotion are fairly dismal. It is hard to be that interesting all of the time. Or, that profound. Or, that anything.

Blogging is one of my favorite things - but it has lost its joy. It has become more of a duty than a love. It is like those diaries I had as a little girl - still have about five of them. I would fill out five days in a row and then...nothing. I would write "did not write" on each page until I gave up even doing that.

Consistency is not my thing.

So, I'm going to try an experiment. I'm going to blog every day for a month. Every day of April (starting today).

I'm going to just be honest - say what's happening - give one tiny observation - take a photo - pray with words about what's pressing on my heart.

I'm going to write about my walk on the beach and the amazing number of tiny shells that littered the sand.

I'm going to write about Easter and how I mourn not buying and filling and hiding baskets anymore.

I'm going to write about watching too much Netflix and saving myself with library books.

And, I'm not going to over think anything.

I'm not going to over analyze who is reading or why they would care about my random observations.

I'm just going to write to write and write some more.

I'm not doing it to increase my readership. I just want to rediscover my voice.

I'm going to start over.

I'm going to keep it simple.

All of April with no "did not write pages"... I pinky promise.

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