Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Prayer for the Overwhelmed

Sometimes life can be too much.
Too much to accomplish in too little time.

Too many worries
flooding my brain.

I turn to my computer,
flit from page to page.
I am distracted, unable to focus.


We are muddled, and messy,
and worn.

Lord, is there room for You
in these crowded moments?
Is there room for your peace, and
hope, and light?

Breathe deeply, friends.
Not just to center ourselves, but to
seek emotional, spiritual and mental rest in Him.
Leave your burdens at His feet, knowing He cares for you.

He is our resting place in times of trouble.

He steps into our lives and tells us
to set down our nets,
to sit at His feet,
to follow close.

He has a better way.
He is enough.

Quiet your heart.
Still your brain.
Allow yourself to feel cared for
And loved.

God sees you now - even in the messy -
even when we don't see Him.

Knowing I am seen, and that God has my back,
gives me strength and peace today.
He doesn't take away my to-do list,
but He gives me courage to tackle number one.

If you are overwhelmed,
if you are having one of those days where life seems a bit much,
where the concerns of life flood in,
let's pray together to the God who sees and knows and can do.

Praying with you today.

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