Thursday, May 1, 2014

Celebrating the BRAVE Women Among Us!

I asked you to nominate brave women for my book giveaway. Wow! I am inspired and humbled to hear their stories - and the obvious ways they have nurtured your lives. While my book was about inspiring women who lived in the late 1800s, it is clear to me that God continues to show Himself today (in 2014) through modern-day women, who live quiet, faithful, and generous lives.

In my own life, I have watched my sister (Julie Storms Lunt) and my mom (Jan Storms Czapla) go through incredible trials and yet remain strong and loving and beautiful. Julie survived a brain tumor that could have taken her life - but today she is a walking miracle: thriving, married, living in Chicago, and teaching school. My mom faced the loss of her husband (my dad), and her parents in an incredibly short span of time, yet she kept pushing forward, completing a lifetime of teaching and inspiring children - and even daring to find love again. I admire them both deeply and love them beyond words.

Let's celebrate ALL of the women in our lives today - and thank God for those who have left such a positive and deep imprint of love, faith, hope and encouragement. A special congratulations to Jeanne Jordie nominated by Terry Mikrut Bucknell both who will receive copies of my book (please message me your mailing addresses!). 

Thanks as well to everyone who sent these nominations.

PAMELA SUE (nominated by Allan Winters) - "My dearest friend and ministry partner co-founded our not-for-profit organization 30 years ago with myself. Pamela was and is an inspiration, not just for me, but all who come in contact with her."

ESTHER PIKEL (nominated by Linda Fawcett Valentine) - "An 80+ Energizer bunny who continues to serve the Lord faithfully well into her eighth decade. Her husband passed away suddenly over twenty years ago . . . not one to let grief overcome her, she has been travelling all over the Chicagoland area, visiting friends, ministering in nursing and retirement homes, baking goodies and encouraging dozens of a great network of people."

SHERRY RANGER RIAL (nominated by Liz Lawson Young) - "She has faced incredible challenges in her life, but she always seeks the Lord. She was one of the first people who put a fire in my heart for adoption. She is a great support in my journey of being a foster and adoptive parent, even though she is facing her own health issues. Greater faith, I have never seen."

LYNDA MOODY-KOPACZ (nominated by Elizabeth Nuo) - "Being adopted, I desire to belong to somebody . . . My adopted parents are back in China. Life was difficult as a missionary kid, and I have faced many challenges and changes. A good change took place during my student teaching in my life. A mother of four children took me under her wings, loved me as if I was her own... This is just a little portion of how she has impacted my life!"

CAROLYNN TENNANT (nominated by Mark Willis) - "I'd like to nominate Dr. Carolynn Tennant from North Central University. She was one of my professors and left a huge impact on my life."

JEANNE JORDIE (nominated by Terry Mikrut Bucknell) - She is, by far, one of the hardest working women I know. Jeanne is a caregiver to her husband Tom, who has had medical issues for over 10 years (and is a miracle himself!). She also works a full time job, is a mom, grandma, and friend. She doesn't ask for help, figuring God will supply her nees. I have never seen anyone show the love of God in practical ways like Jeanne does."

PHYLLIS (nominated by her daughter, Lisa) - "My mom is the epitome of what it means to be heroic, loving, and a true survivor (breast cancer). her life revolves around the people who mean the most ot her and who carry the keys to her heart. When times get tough, not only does she rely on her strengthened faith; renewed hope; and unconditional love; but she also follows her own blueprint, a road map of sorts, to help her muddle through good times and bad."

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