Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring!

Okay - there were snowflakes falling as I commuted to work this morning. No flowers anywhere. 

Yes, SNOWFLAKES, on the first day of spring. Sigh... 

But, it's coming. Spring is just around the corner - I know it!

I unabashedly stole this blog post idea from my friend, former student, and fabulous blogger Ilene Gamboa of much love, illy

But, this is what I've been up to lately:

dreaming: about wearing a colorful, cotton skirt, sandals, and NO down coat, tights or boots
reading: young adult novels by John Green 
remembering: two years ago, when we went to the beach in March with 80-degree weather!
re-watching: Downton Abbey with my husband
thinking about: what it will be like to actually move to Florida
eating: a fabulous five-course Thai meal at our favorite NWI restaurant, Asparagus
drinking: tall Starbucks brew in a grande cup with lots of room for cream
prepping: for our pop-up vintage show at the Crown Point Hunt & Gather market - Mar. 28!
finishing: our taxes - boy, I hate that job! federal and two state forms
decorating: covering our red, green, yellow Mary Engelbreit kitchen floor with a more conservative choice
missing: my mom - sigh, I wish I could blink my eyes and be in your sunny kitchen
feeling: sad about the homegoing of a friend and emotional over the cries of those who lost loved ones on the missing jet
praying: pouring out all of those emotions to a God who always listens
smiling: seeing the sidewalk for the first time in months and the sunshine through my office window
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