Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12 Ways to Know You Grew Up Baptist

If you grew up attending a Baptist church, you should recognize most of these.
Can you add more?
1) You know what an Awana circle is.

2) You always hold a hankie over your nose when you go under water.

3) You can name at least five different kinds of Jello salad.

4) As a child, you “marched in the infantry.”

5) You know what it means to pray for “unspokens.”

6) Campfires always make you break out in song.

7) When it is six o’clock on a Sunday evening, you get ready for church, again.

8) You’ve passed a concern over the prayer chain.

9) You know that sword drills have nothing to do with sharp objects.

10) The word “potluck” makes you salivate.

11) You can quote John 3:16 word for word.

12) You fellowship with the best of them.
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