Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On the Eve of my 48th Birthday: 48 Things I Know

1. Buying a new mattress can change your world.

2. Taking a long walk is a sure cure for a foul mood.

3. Never send an angry email without waiting one day.

4. Guys say a lot of things they don’t mean when they are trying to meet women.

5. I should drink more water, but I don’t like it.

6. You really shouldn’t keep every childhood memento.

7. Memorizing the Bible works better when you are young.

8. Sweet potatoes are horrible.

9. Getting a dog is a major responsibility.

10. It is fine to go to bed angry when you need time to think and calm down.

11. Most situations look better in the morning.

12. Handwritten birthday cards should never go out of style.

13. Hugs are the best medicine.

14. Prayer changes us.

15. Raising a child is both exhausting and rewarding.

16. Raising a teenager has moments of sheer joy and unexpected friendship.

17. It is better if you wash dishes the same day you use them.

18. Not all stains come out.

19. Don’t buy dry clean only clothing.

20. Only one-third of your dinner plate should contain meat.

21. Try a little bit of everything before you say you don’t like it.

22. Friends are worth keeping.

23. Not everything can be easily forgiven.

24. Disappointments can lead to unexpected opportunities.

25. God is good. All the time.

26. People won’t stay with us forever.

27. Just because something is new, doesn’t mean it is better.

28. Don’t tell a salesman how much you want your car payments to be.

29. Shop resale.

30. If shoes are uncomfortable when you buy them, they probably won’t get better.

31. Get rid of those pants that almost fit.

32. Cut down a Christmas tree if you live near a tree farm.

33. Pick daffodils and put them on your spring time table.

34. Cookies from scratch are worth the effort.

35. Nutella is the perfect condiment.

36. Starbucks is on every corner for a reason.

37. Travel to as many places as you can.

38. When you’re on vacation, stop and take a mental picture. Stop. Breathe. Remember.

39. Give generously.

40. Laugh with your whole heart.

41. The Bible is completely applicable to modern day life.

42. All of Taco Bells menu items are basically the same thing in different shapes.

43. Toe socks are unnecessary and annoying.

44. Holding hands with your husband keeps romance alive.

45. Family matters.

46. Don’t burn bridges – disembark gracefully.

47. When you argue, and you will, always fight fair.

48. Love one another.

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