Monday, October 15, 2012

Couple Time at Door County's Fall Fest

Milt and I have been married for 20 years now, but all it takes is a weekend away - just the two of us - for us to remember why we love being together.

This past Friday, we escaped to our favorite spot - Door County, WI - for a little r&r and uninterrupted conversations. No commuting to Chicago, no helping my daughter with Geometry homework that I can no longer remember how to do, no letting the dog out and in, no deciphering shopping lists from my mother-in-law... It was just the two of us - just the way it all started.

I love the fall - and it is definitely fall in Wisconsin - pumpkins everywhere. I loved the opalescent pink pumpkins outside a little boutique. Plus, these little animal ones were adorable.

Friday boasted crisp beautiful weather, so we roamed through the orchards and gift shops, snagged some fudge, and even took in a classic Wisconsin fish boil. Here, we did a little self-portrait as we watched the sunset. Ahhh...the romance is still alive :-).

Saturday and Sunday brought rain, rain, and more rain which put a bit of a damper on the annual Sister Bay Fest. Milt's favorite part - the car show - had only two lonely cars that survived the deluge. But that didn't stop people like this older gentleman. He comes every year and let Milt try on his special "Fest Celebration" hat. He just added an orange rain poncho, and he was good to go.

During Sister Bay's three-day festival, they close down the highway and celebrate with an art show, good food, and Wisconsin party bands. We huddled in a tent, rain streaming down the cement under our feet, and ate fried cheese curds while watching Wisconsin girls in coats, mittens, and hats dancing...

After the rainy fest, we enjoyed escaping to Pete D'Amico's Pasta Vino - he moved his great pasta restaurant to the old Hillside Inn in Ellison Bay - a beautiful building with a mid-century retro look! What a nice way to end our weekend escape. 

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