Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Sweet Vintage Bicycle

My mom taught me to never drive past a garage sale.

On the way to buy groceries last week, I spotted this pea green bike in a neighbor's driveway sale. I have been looking for a simple coaster-style bike, so I couldn't resist. Twenty dollars and a much-delayed grocery trip later, it was mine.

As a girl, it took me a long time to learn to ride a bike. I had a beautiful grape-colored bike with a banana seat covered with daisies. My poor, patient dad would run alongside of the bike, and I would start to get balanced. Then, he would let go, and I would crash headfirst into the nearest tree or street sign. Even after I learned, I was accident prone. my friend Amy and I, while riding our bikes to school, tried to jump up and down the curbs. This was not a good idea for me.

Halfway to school, I crashed off of my bike falling headfirst onto the cement curb. I walked to the nearest house that had a "safe house" sign in the window (remember those?), and asked for help. The poor lady took one look at my bloody head and dropped an entire jar of pickles.

Is it any wonder I love biking?

Here is my little garage sale bike as I fixed her up. I couldn't resist adding a basket and some pin striping.

My dad was very good at pin striping hot rods. A few years ago, I bought a real pin striping brush at a car show. I'm not an expert, but I think my little bike, now proudly named "Sweet Pea", turned out great.

Milt says he can definitely never ride it now with its flowers and basket, but I will!
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