Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why Couldn't I Be a Fashion Designer in High School? A Review of Jane By Design - ABC Family

I love her outfits and impossibly high heels.
I love her best friend, Billy.
I love her boss - played by Andie MacDowell.
I love the fashion.

What is not to love about ABC Family's new teen drama, Jane By Design. The show is based on a highly improbable, but amazingly wonderful, premise - a teenage girl has a chance to live a double life - escaping the drudgery of her snobbish high school peers to work for a fabulous designer in New York City.

Perfect, right? This is every girl's teenage fantasy.

The show features an extremely likeable main character who is being raised by her older brother. There are no parents around to compliate things. While her older brother was a high school success, Jane struggles to fit in. Her best friend is a mohawked misfit named Billy. To viewers, Jane and Billy seem like an obvious match, but so far remain best friends.

The show is a great choice for moms to watch with theirteenage daughters. Sabrina and I both enjoy the close calls that Jane gets into as she tries to avoid being caught for working a job while still in high school. We both root for her to realize that Billy could be more than just a friend. We both are a bit intimidated by her demanding boss, Grey, and snarky coworker, India. And, best of all, we both love the creative looks that are sprinkled throughout the show.

While there is much to love, there are many parts that are unbelievable:

1) Jane is just too cute to be considered so unpopular. There is no obvious reason that she would not fit in at her high school.
2) Her ability to get hired full-time and avoid age problems seems unrealistic and improbable. Surely someone checked her social security number?
3) She flies to Paris and back undetected by her guardian.
4) She manages to hold it all together and succeed - a highly demanding job and high school - all while wearing high heels.

All that said - this show is fun, definitely. It reminds me of my favorite John Hughe's movie Pretty and Pink .

I hope it continues. And, I hope Jane will finally realize that Billy might be the one.
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