Thursday, November 3, 2011

Glee No Longer Makes Me Happy

The last episode of Glee has disappointed its former fans, myself included. Gone are the lighthearted moments. Gone is the focus on dance numbers and creative costuming. Gone is the emphasis on teacher and student mentoring relationships. The old tween appropriate style and spirit of Glee is being crushed by the weight of controversial social agendas and sensationalism.

Even the producers must know this as they are shifting the time slot of the show to the "mature viewing" hour. The sad reality is that many young viewers will follow the show to this new time slot and view material they may not be ready to see.

  • There has been an increasing emphasis on homosexuality on the show. While I originally admired the show's tackling of a gay teen and parent relationship, the new episodes make it seem like homosexuality is commonplace and changeable. Two cheerleader girls, who both were previously very actively heterosexual are now "hooking up" in a relationship. Brittany hardly seems aware of what she is entering into with this relationship. Santana just seems mean.
  • They are introducing sexual relationships between Puck, the rebel, and an adult teacher. Not only is this inappropriate for teenage viewing - as he prowls after "cougars" - but it muddles the lines of legality. In addition, his newfound relationship with an adult is conflicting with his desire to father his child.
  • They are developing "Desperate Housewives" like plots. Quinn planting evidence for DCFS? This is a serious and outlandish plot that really takes away from a sensitive portrayal of teen pregnancy and adoption.
I will no longer watch this show and urge viewers to be careful in allowing your tweens to view it alone. The upcoming episodes promise more scandal, more outlandish plots, more sexuality, and more pushing the envelope in uncomfortable ways.

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