Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot off the Press! Creative Journal for Christian Teens

Aletheia is a magazine that takes teens seriously. It gives them a voice. It listens. It allows them to imagine and communicate in creative ways. What a great idea!

When I was in high school, I had an English teacher who told me I was a good writer. Not only did she notice this talent in me, but she recruited me to be a part of a competitive writing team. It was that teenage experience that caused me to gain confidence and to pursue the career I enjoy today.

Perhaps that is why I see such potential for teens in the world of creativity. I love to recognize that spark in younger people and give them a gentle nudge to make their unique voice heard. This new magazine offers opportunities, not just for teens to hear the words or advice of others, but to become published contributors!

Aletheia takes its name from the Greek word for "truth." Creativity here is about truth telling through poems, short stories and photography. The issue boasts an impressive amount of full-color illustrations. The layout is sophisticated and simple. The magazine seems to refuse to be bound by typical "teen" themes, but explores liturgy and nature and Scripture.

I especially loved one contribution that featured a creative piece next to the profile of the teen who created it. I think that many young people will be encouraged by seeing someone unique and fun and hip who is also committed to God and to the craft of writing.

The magazine is the creative brain child of publisher and editor Nicholas Muzekari who wants to "nurture, teach, enlighten, and strengthen Christian truth and values." The magazine is in its initial stages, but has an accompanying web site that details submission guidelines for your teen and creative contests!

Nicholas is the self-proclaimed "proud father of three homeschooled children in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and have been writing and creating artwork for as long as I can remember." He has his BA from Temple University and a Writing Diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature in Connecticut.

He says, "I have put all of my gifts and experience together to create Aletheia Writing Magazine. It is my sincere prayer and hope that it grows to become a wonderful resource and opportunity for young Christians who love to read, write, and create artwork."

Thanks, Nicholas!

I hope many of you will check out this creative work and pass it on to the teens in your life. All it takes is one simple word of encouragement from you to help pave the way for the next creative writer or artist!

Here's the link: http://www.aletheiawritingmagazine.com/. Why not purchase a subscription today!?

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