Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Media Girl Hits the Trail

Last week we went camping in Door County, Wisconsin. While the campground does have very sluggish wi-fi access at the main station, it is a bit harder for us to be electronically entertained. The small 12-inch tv we have only gets one channel on a good day. So our evenings are filled with staring at a campfire instead of cable.

Being a brave mother, I decided to drag my 12-year-old along on a hike in the Peninsula State Park. My husband and I love the scenic views and woodsy, rocky landscape. We had explored these trails a bit as a couple, but never with my daughter.

Now I must admit that neither my daughter nor I are athletic types. Our favorite Door County outings usually involve shopping for clothes or fudge. But, it was a gorgeous day, and we decided (with a bit of pushing from Milt) to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the northern woods.

We hiked two trails: The Minnehaha Trail – a .5 mile easy walking beachside stroll – and the harder 2-mile Eagle Trail – noted for cliff trails and somewhat dangerous drop-offs. When we were done, we found that the trails let us off 2 miles from where we walked our car – thus another long hike back to the car.

I’m proud of Sabrina. She did it. No Gameboy. No Computer. Just her parents and the beauty of God’s handiwork.

Let’s do it again!

Milt conquers the trees...

The end of the easy trail, the beginning of the hard one. We were still smiling!

These are the things you miss when you are looking out of the window of a car. We saw such beauty all around us...wild mushrooms, enormous trees, a tiny babbling brook. It made me want to sing a hymn.

Milt was daring enough to walk into one of the caves. It reminded me of Tom Hank's movie Castaway.

Oh no - these signs weren't very encouraging. Sabrina thought there should be nice uplifting ones, like: Keep Up the Good Work! or Hang in There!

A fresh water brook coming right out of the rock.

Amazing limestone bluffs...

Daughter and Dad take a break.

The fabulous lakeshore...
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