Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are You Average or Beautiful?

Beauty, they tell me, is in the eye of the beholder. But what if the beholder is yourself?

Whenever I tell my teenage daughter she's beautiful, she tells me, "You have to say that. You're my mom."

And I know how she feels. It is difficult to feel confident in your own appearance.

Growing up, I had a terrible self image. I was way, way too skinny. I know for some of you that might sound appealing, but it wasn't. I was the kind of stick thin where clothes don't fit and boys don't look at you.

I'm glad I'm past those days.

Now - as I'm just about to turn 50, I feel more at home with how I look than I ever have. I weigh quite a bit more than I did back then. I look in the mirror and see graying roots and crooked teeth, but I also see kind eyes and a ready smile. I feel happy and comfortable in my skin.

But, beautiful?

Recently, Dove - the beauty products company - tried an experiment. On a busy building entrance they placed large signs above two doors. One read "BEAUTIFUL" the other "AVERAGE." They then videotaped the women who approached the doors.

They did this in the United States, but also in other countries.

I'll let you watch this video yourself, but it broke my heart a little bit.

After you're done, look in the mirror. Take a good hard look - and then tell yourself, "I am beautiful." Tell the women in your life the same thing. We all need to hear it.

Watch the video and CHOOSE BEAUTIFUL.
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