Friday, July 13, 2012

Blogs, and Vintage Sofas, Will Bring Us Together

This is a story about our vintage sofa.

Milt and I - in our quest to redo our living room in mid-century style - found this amazing sofa at a local thrift shop. We love it, even though our 14-year-old daughter would rather have a comfy sofa that she can lay down on without falling in the crack.

We've had this for about four years now. Then, yesterday, I stumbled on a fellow blogger who is renovating a mid-century home in Miller Beach, Indiana, with her husband. She posted a funny blog about things she regrets not buying at thrift stores.

There was our little sofa.

I couldn't believe it :-). I had to send a quick "after" photo to Brooke to show her that, even though she might have regretted not purchase the sofa, it had ended up in a good home.

It is well loved - and it introduced me to another vintage blogger.

Here she is with her super cool blog!

Check her out!
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