Thursday, June 21, 2012

My 1950s Flea Market Addiction

I recently found this nifty item at our local antique mall. Couldn't resist.

Do you know what it is? I was especially enthralled with the atomic boomerang designs on the turquoise vinyl top. For now, it will make a nice side table. Some day - it will go in my huge walk-in closet where I have ample storage for my vintage clothes, shoes and hats!

We live in a 1990s era home, but most of our decorating choices come straight from the late 1950s. Soon, we will have to find a house to match our design taste. Here are a few snapshots of my favorite flea-market, garage sale, antique shop finds...

Our family room is furnished via Craigslist. This great ivory vinyl sofa, chair, and end table came from a home in Indiana and took three months of bargaining.

One of the newest additions is the upright bass - tucked in the corner. This was another Craigslist find - just two blocks from my home! Now, I need to learn to play it.

I am fascinated by 50s lamps and curtains. Love the odd shapes and interesting patterns.

Vintage signs in the kitchen and bathroom. The old DONUTS sign came from Indianapolis at one of our first rockabilly events. The Ladies Room sign was a garage sale find. Heavy old metal enameled sign.

Ever since I inherited some Fiesta ware from my Grandma Storms, I have loved the brightly colored pottery of the 40s and 50s. This is a recent addition to my kitchen - a place to display some of my bowls.

Thanks for taking a mini-tour of my flea market finds. Want to go shopping with me?

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