Thursday, June 3, 2010

TV Shows You Can Watch With Your Kids

When Sabrina was little, there were some shows that she loved - and I hated. Some of them made me want to poke my eyes out. Barney - for example - somehow charms every child and horrifies every parent. Even worse for me were the Teletubbies. Dipsy and Yoo-hoo - or whatever their names were - were spooky brightly colored aliens who bounced across a creepily deserted landscape with a baby peering out of a giant sun. Of course, my daughter loved them. She even had little creepy tubbie dolls. My husband also mentioned how much we hated The Big Comfy Couch and Bananas in Pajamas. While I enjoyed the cartoon Spongebob Square Pants - I had to be sitting down and watching it. If it was on in the background, the voices made me want to climb the walls.

But there are some shows we have both enjoyed. I love when we find tv shows we can watch together. Here's my list. Add yours!

1) Project Runway - We both enjoy the fashion creating. We like the odd characters and the mentoring of Tim Gunn. I think this even inspired both of us to buy sewing machines. (similar favorites include: Top Chef and Design Star).
2) Mythbusters - It is like science class gone wild. This is a show even my husband will stop and watch. Things exploding, people being lifted by balloons, deadly spiders...what's not to like?
3) Cash Cab - This quirky show is all about trivia - in a New York cab. The questions are tough - but we enjoy trying to get the answers before the contestants get booted onto the street. (Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader also make my list.
4) Everybody Loves Raymond. Family comedies are fun - especially family comedies where people of all ages are included. Raymond appeals to my daughter and to my 83-year-old mother in law. It works for all of us.
5) Gilmore Girls - This is a boxed series that we were given as a gift and immediately became addicted to. While my husband can't stand it (too much talking for him) - my daughter and I fell in love with the quirky characters and the town. It also inspired some thoughtful conversations about dating and parenting and sex. We actually have watched it twice in a row...time to take a break and find a new series!

What shows have you enjoyed watching with your kids?

What shows couldn't you bear to sit through?
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